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(Miracle Mineral Solution)-(Chlorine Dioxide Solution)
Water Purification Drops

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NEW ! CDS Chlorine dioxide solution (MMS) by Andreas Kalcker

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MMS Basic


I have been taking MMS orally as well as rubbing it on on my skin mixed with DMSO since 2009.

Most of our municipal drinking water supply is disinfected using Chlorine Dioxide/MMS/CDS and it has been used for over a century for this purpose.

I personally have had success treating skin infections as well as simple stiff neck using MMS. I exclusively use MMS to brush my teeth since 2010 and find it to be a great way to controll tooth plaque and disolve biofilms.

MMS is Chlorine dioxide and is a powerful bleach but it is not the same as bleach that is used in your laundry room. I encourage people to use it strictly as a water purifier because that is what it is, a water purifier and an antiseptic.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) has issued a very serious warnings against using MMS and I must give a disclaimer as I do not have a license from the United States government to practice medicine or give medical advise. I simply can tell you that I have personally experienced great results using MMS on myself and there are tens of thousands of testimonials online you can read and watch on Youtube if you care to do your own research.

Sodium Chlorite Solution (aka Master Mineral Solution or MMS) is sold as a water purifier. Sodium Chlorite is used in many applications and is found as an ingredient in mouth wash, toothpaste, mouth sprays, eye drops and contact lens cleaning solution. Our intent is to comply with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and for this reason; we cannot provide information on alternative uses of this product. If you would like to learn about different ways MMS has been used, you must do your own independent research.

You Get More Value for Your Money
For your convenience, we supply you with a 2 oz. bottle of Pre-Mixed 50% Citric Acid Solution so you can use the products straight out of the box.

Quality You Can Trust
We strive to provide you with the best quality Sodium Chlorite Solution and Citric Acid Activator on the market. Our Sodium Chlorite Solution and Citric Acid Activator are made by a Lab Technician and is a Professional Quality. We take the highest care and do quality assurance testing to ensure that our Sodium Chlorite Solution and Citric Acid Activator are the best quality for you.

Package Includes:

  • 28%* Sodium Chlorite Solution (2 oz.)

  • Pre-Mixed 50% (by weight) Citric Acid Solution (Organic, Non-GMO) (2 oz.) 

* The Sodium Chlorite Solution is a 22.4%  solution. It is made up of 28% (by weight) Sodium Chlorite that is 80% pure. So that reduces the total actual Sodium Chlorite to 22.4%. The 80% purity of the Sodium Chlorite is due to 20% being mostly common salt used as a stabilizer,and small amounts of other stabilizers and inert ingredients.The goal is 22.4% Sodium Chlorite (by weight) in solution, exactly as we supply and as recommended.

Disclaimer: Sodium Chlorite Solution and Citric Acid Activator are sold and intended to be use for water purification only and the choice of using this product in other applications is the sole responsibility of the user. This product is not marketed for internal use. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. Total Restitution is not responsible for any consequences or damages resulting in misuse of these products. We do not offer, nor do we claim to offer to cure, prevent, diagnose, or treat any disease or conditions. Only a Licensed Doctor is qualified to do this. Please consult your physician before using these products.

Total Restitution MMS is now available in a convenient and economical 2oz. size for treating larger batches of water.  The 2oz. size is perfect for treating stored water in 55 gallon or smaller drums. It is also ideal for treating water in RV storage tanks, animal drinking troughs, on site water storage tanks such as cisterns or camp water systems. Total Restitution Water Treatment treats drinking water using chlorine dioxide to kill bacteria, control the build up of slime and improve the taste of stored water. The economical 2oz. size boasts long shelf life dropper bottles.  Each kit contains everything you need to treat up to 60 gallons of water. 

Total Restitution MMS is not an EPA Registered Water Treatment and does not claim EPA or FDA approval.

Total Restitution MMS is Great for Backpacking, emergency water storage, RV storage tanks, treating larger batches of water such as cisterns, carboys and camp water systems. Total Restitution MMS Drops will not discolor water and will actually improve the taste of treated water.

Each 2 oz bottle contains approx 1,200 drops.

If you are interested in purchasing MMS/Chlorine dioxide solution (Water Purification Drops) or DMSO then please do not hesitate to call.

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The information provided in these videos and in written form have not been approved nor endorsed by the Food and Drug Administration.

Total Restitution does not claim to act in the capacity nor replace the diagnostic capacity of your appropriately certified medical practitioner. Any ideas or suggestive material found within these videos or the pages of our website or any website embedding these videos is not meant to give you the impression that we are certified medical practitioners. We are simply passing on information that has benefitted us and we feel it is our responsibility and duty to share our experiences and successes in the use of MMS.

Let it be known that you consent and assume any and all responsibility in the consumption of any product you purchase as a result of you watching these videos or reading our articles. Furthermore, you accept any and all possible damage, loss or injury felt to be experienced as a result from one's exposure to any content, product or information discussed within these videos and articles.

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